Aim. Fire. Ready.

PNW beachPNW = IDK

When we decided to create a new travel blog about the PNW from a Midwesterner’s POV, the overwhelming feedback  from our local friends and neighbors was a resounding collection of colorful abbreviations:  LOL, IDK, WTH/WTF, LMK, KIS, but mostly, it was IDK and WTH/WTF that bombarded us with rapid fire responses .

Shot fired. It was frighteningly fun. 

Target hit; with the direct aim of a pro marksman.

Are we ready? No; not really. (LOL = Laugh Out Loud)

Truth be told, there is one thing that we both have learned over the decades and are working to break through. It is the self-ingrained, community pushed and feminine mindset absorbed artificial barrier of “you better be super prepared; make that over prepared with pretty file folders and full of readiness”. 

Well, we are completely sure of our voice (POV = Point Of View, KIS = Keep It Simple), we are certain we have a huge audience to entertain and educate (IDK = I Don’t Know, WTH/F = What The Heck/Fudge) , and we are at the ready to make this a wonderful adventure. (LMK = Let me know!)

BTW, PNW = Pacific North West.

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